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1. Ideas

From small to small, to gradually on the road;

From obscurity, to innovative brands

A toy to explore the first line, adhere to quality, through contacts,

Adhere to the "innovation, responsibility, win-win" is the most ideal and most sustainable business philosophy.

Tiao lose in, and then ambitious;

Creation of toys, innovation on the road to the province self!


2. Ability

Individuals grow up because of the team, the enterprise grows because of the team.

Honest, honest things,

Create a toy to character as the first element of talent;

Good at thinking, to assume responsibility,

The ability to create toys as a talent training standards;

Chuang Fat toys endless desire for talent,

The team's training spare no effort,

Team development is the driving force of enterprise development.


3. Travel


Is an attitude,

Is the company welfare,

More of a toy to contribute to the team's Thanksgiving.

Our vision is,

In this common cause to go further on the road.


4. Research and development

To consumer demand as the core,

To market demand-oriented,

To product quality and safety responsibility,

To the integration of innovation as the cornerstone,

And strive to do better and more beautiful R & D.


5. Production

Image-based, production-oriented,

Production is the basis for corporate profits,

Production is the fundamental corporate image.

Safety, environmental protection, quality is a toy to adhere to the implementation of the implementation of standards.


6. Products

Chuangfa Toys is mainly engaged in four series, such as "electric universal", "electronic musical instrument", "cartoon inertial vehicle" and "electric gun".

From raw material selection to product development and then to the production process and packaging design, combined with innovative technology and ideas, created a toy to create the advantages:

1, similar product design better;

2, similar products function better;

3, the same price material better;

4, the same material prices better.